Robust Investment Models with KiwiSaver

Whether you choose Aggressive, Growth, Balanced or Conservative funds for your KiwiSaver, it is best to buy and hold. By switching to the highest performing fund, you are likely to have missed the wave. The most likely direction for the best performing fund of today, is the average performing fund of tomorrow.

By diversifying your funds within a single fund manager, you are not fully diversified. All fund managers have strategies and ways of handling things. The markets are always changing. What was a good strategy one year, may not be the best the following year.

Diversify your KiwiSaver right through to having multiple fund managers. We allow up to 5 fund managers to split your investment between all of them – so if you choose Growth, Balanced or Conservative, you will most likely get the average of all fund managers, and no spikes or troughs as they do well, or don’t do so well.

Diversification helps you sleep well at night. For more information, contact us here.

Virtually Eliminating Risk with KiwiSaver

You cannot eliminate all risk, but ever since you were young, you’ve probably been told to spread your risk. Diversify. Up to now it has been hard to do that with a KiwiSaver. Sure you could trust in one fund manager that is going to put it in a diverse portfolio, but what about the one fund manager.

In an aeroplane, you have at least two of everything. If the pilot fails, the co-pilot knows what to do. If the engine fails, there is another one. If the wing falls off – well let’s not go too far with this analogy, but you get the idea.

With Fusion Investments, we have a Multi-Manager Strategy – more than one fund manager, in fact up to five. This is the Fusion advantage, and it means you are truly diversified.

KiwiSaver Calculators – Can I work out how much I’ll get?

Many calculators exist to give you a projection on which KiwiSaver investment strategy might be right for you.




Milford Asset

But only one calculator works out the savings by not switching all the time and having an average that is very close to the average across all fund managers – it is so similar because it is diversified across up to five different fund managers.

It is unique, and it’s here.

KiwiSaver – Stocks, properties or bonds? Arggg!

When it comes to choosing the KiwiSaver that is right for you, there is so much to consider.

Fund managers will put your life savings in all kinds of different investments and they all have their own strategy on how best to pick them. But who is right, what is the best answer.

Sometimes it is best to leave it up to the professionals – and yes, I had a plural “professionals” there for a reason. By having multiple fund managers, if they get it wrong, and they do, then the other five fund managers are unlikely to also get it wrong.

So if you would like to spread your risk and not have to choose between stocks, properties or bonds when deciding on your KiwiSaver fund manager, pick five!

Contact us to find out more and see how it works.

Five of the best KiwiSaver managers side by side

There is a lot of talk about who is performing the best at any given moment.

Who am I going to switch to to maximise my KiwiSaver investment?

If you have all your eggs in one basket, you are probably dead keen to know the answer. The problem is, the answer changes regularly. Are you going to pick the best performer – the more likely way is down when they are at the top.

If you have five experts investing your Kiwi Saver dollars using different strategies, you can use a “buy and hold” strategy, and you can probably sleep better at night too!

Learn how it works and contact us for more information.

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