It's time you enjoyed
the Fusion advantage

At Fusion Investing, we've created a break-through investment approach called the Multi-Manager Strategy (MMS), where your dependence on just one manager is replaced by the collective reliability of multiple managers giving you multiple and simultaneous investment styles, philosophies and ideas, used side by side to make your outcomes more reliable with lower risk.  We've applied the MMS approach to three key products, KiwiSaver, Portfolios and Pensions and it's proving itself as a Smarter, Stronger and Safer approach to investing.


The investment industry works by convincing savers and investors that "their way is a great way" to invest.  Then they exclude all other opinions, styles and philosophies from their strategy.  At Fusion Investing we believe every manager and their approach has merits, and the smart investor uses more than one to achieve their objectives.


Over longer periods, the markets have always provided the returns we need. But human errors, due to manager mistakes and investor behaviour, can erode those returns. At Fusion Investing, we maintain market risk, but eliminate most of your human error risk. In time, this leads to stronger outcomes.


The investment industry tells us to diversify and "put our eggs in different baskets". But then they ask us to trust only them with our money and ignore any other managers. At Fusion Investing, we diversify through many managers, philosophies and styles on your behalf. This takes your diversification to a whole new level, and it's safer.

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