Frequently Asked Questions


What managers are you currently using?

We have a range New Zealand's top investment teams at our disposal. We call these teams "PSA Managers" (Philosophy, Style and Allocation). We use up to 7 of these in either KiwiSaver or Portfolio construction, although the norm is 6.  In KiwiSaver, members can only use one Provider, but most members don't realise they can spread their savings (using the right Provider) simultaneously across multiple managers, or expertise sources. In Fusion Investing, we do this for every member.  We allocate, equally, without bias across managers such as Milford Asset Management, Fisher Funds, Generate Wealth Management, Pathfinder Asset Management and others.  This enables us to include virtually every investments style and philosophy available.  This in turn creates reliability and reduces expertise risk to virtually zero.

KiwiSaver Questions

Who is our KiwiSaver account Provider?

InvestNow. They give access to a range of funds, but Fusion Investing provide you with the financial advice to build the KiwiSaver Multi-Manager Strategy. The Fusion approach to KiwiSaver can only be accessed through Fusion Investing as it requires a correctly trained and licensed Financial Adviser to provide advice on it.


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